What's up, I'd like to formally welcome you to losproductions.net!

My name is Carlos Herriott II, CEO and FOUNDER of LOSPRODUCTIONS.

A little bit of background:

My name is Carlos Herriott II and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Electronic Media and minoring in Communication.

My education is largely focused on this mindset: When you love the process, you naturally put in the work that it takes to become successful. I wanted to become a filmmaker to create content that would help others expand/promote their personal brands. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by countless individuals with ideas and success stories, but they haven’t always had the means to have tools such as a promotional video or website. My goal is to use my skills to provide these individuals with tangible collateral that can help them flourish in their business and attract new customers/clients.

If you asked for three words to describe me I'd reply, "creative, visionary, and ILLmatic"

Fun Fact: I own a tarantula named Luna- she's 6 years old incase you were curious.

Quote I live by: "One man can change the world" -Big Sean